Secrets of the Forest Guide [Peaks of Time]

Secrets of the Forest is the third stage you can unlock at the Peaks of Time. Inside the final chest of this stage, you can obtain the Dura’s Eye artifact as reward.

On this stage, every time you defeat an enemy group, vines you grow on specific places on the map, blocking your way to certain areas. That’s not a big deal for the most of the treasures, but if you don’t follow a specific order on your battles, the vines will grow and you will be unable to reach the last treasure chest.

Here you can find a guide on the optimal path to reach the final chest and get the Dura’s Eye artifact.

This part is very straightforward. You need to defeat the enemies on camps 1 and 2 to be able reach the camp 3.

When you interact with this camp it will change and you will be challenged to complete the Trial of the Forest. Here you need to defeat the enemy team using only Wilders heroes.

There’s a tip here, you only need to win the fight with a Wilder team. You can actually weaken the enemies with any heroes you have and them finish the fight using only Wilders.

Also, if you don’t have enough strong wilders, you can try to find some at the Mercenary Encampment.

Once you complete the Trial of the Forest, some hidden paths will be revealed to you on the map and you will be able to reach the chest containing the Dura’s Eye artifact.

Defeat this camp to make your way up to the new path:

Go trough the way now open between the bushes:

And you will finally reach the treasure chest without the vines blocking your way!

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