Patch Notes 1.20


Below is the patch note for the game. Have a look below.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/afk-arena/patch-notes-120/2176644212626563/

New Heroes

1. Added the new Hypogean hero: Mehira – Mind Cager
2. Added the new Wilder hero: Gorvo – The Indomitable

New Additions and Optimizations

1. Added two new campaign chapters: Chapter 28 – The Standing Stones, Chapter 29 – The Forbidden Temple

2. Added two new NPC enemies that will appear after Chapter 22.

3. Added the new Peaks of Time adventure: The Contorted Realm.

4. Completely re-designed the heroes “Portrait” page.

5. Added a new feature to the Rickety Cart that allows players to automatically retire new common heroes.

6. Added several new relics to the Arcane Labyrinth.

7. Optimized the logic for how the order of heroes are sorted. Heroes with higher ascension tiers will now be displayed first even if they are the same level as lower tier heroes.

8. Optimized the logic for how hero and formation Attack Ratings are displayed in several of the game’s interfaces.

9. Changed the rules for the Legends’ Challenger Tournament. Players that have not logged in for the duration of one season will not be eligible for the tournament.

10. The volume of music and sound effects can now be adjusted via the ‘Settings’ menu (game must be updated to latest version for new settings to appear)

11. Fixed a bug that was causing a red marker to be displayed on a hero’s gear even when the best available gear was being worn.

12.Adjusted the way damage is calculated for the relic ‘Death’s Bite’, damage over time is now determined by the attacker’s own attack rating.

Hero Balance Changes

1. Ogi – Nature’s Strength

– Slightly increased the frequency of Ogi’s normal attacks.

2. Numisu – The All Seer

– Adjusted the positioning logic for the ability ‘Rejuvenating Totem’. The rejuvenating totem will now be cast next to the weakest ally on the battlefield as well positioning itself in an area that optimally utilizes its healing radius.
– Fixed a problem that make totems hard to hit if they were cast at the edge of the screen.
– The Haste increase for the ability ‘Fanaticism’ has been raised from 20%/35%/35% to 40%/50%/50% per each respective skill level.

3. Kaz – Hand of the Wood

– Kaz can now be targeted when she is using her ‘Evasive Strike’ ability but will not suffer damage or be affected by any mind-control abilities. Kaz can now also receive the benefits of any healing abilities her allies may use on her while she is using this ability.

4. Shemira – Corpsemaker

– Shemira’s ‘Soul Siphon’ ability will now be cut short if she can no longer target enemies.

5. Ezizh – Hellborn

– The range of Ezizh’s normal attacks have been increased so that they better match their animations.

6. Silvina – The Taken Breath

– Fixed an issue that was causing the ‘First Blood’ ability to incorrectly target and stun the wrong enemies.

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