Peaks of Time

This is where you collect the legendary artifacts which gives bonus stats to your selected hero.


The Peaks of Time has cool adventure puzzles where the goal is to find all of the treasure chests on the map. You will only need to complete them once. You can attempt them once you get past Chapter 6-4.

You have unlimited entries to the maps, so you don’t have to worry about failing runs. Each map gets easier as you will out level it eventually and the monsters do not scale.

Below are the available dungeons for you to try and get the artifacts.

  • Ranhorn’s Strife -> Dura’s Grace
  • The Unrelenting Blaze
  • Secrets of the Forest -> Dura’s Eye
  • Rest in Peace -> Dura’s Call
  • The Ancient Ruins
  • The Far Frontier
  • The Divine Realm
  • Rancid Forest
  • Viper’s March
  • The Dismal Descent
  • The Savage Wastes -> Dura’s Chalice of Vitality
  • The Solar Plane -> Dura’s Conviction