AFK Arena Patch Notes 1.19.05


Next week, we will be getting a new patch with some cool updates!

Patch Notes: https://www.facebook.com/notes/afk-arena/patch-notes119/2162161897408128/

New Heroes

1. Added the new Graveborn hero: Kelthur – Plaguegrip
2. Added the new Lightbearer hero: Hendrik – The Defender
New Additions and Optimizations

1. Changed the visual design of the King’s Tower’s interface and also added 50 new floors to the King’s Tower. Adjusted the difficulty of some of the already existing floors.

2. Added a new ‘Strengthen’ gear feature to the game that allows players to upgrade their Mythic gear to Mythic+ by collecting and using specific items to ‘Strengthen’ them. Items that have been strengthened will still possess their original faction labels and star levels. The items used to strengthen gear are able to be found in AFK Rewards after completing chapter 20 of the campaign and also have a chance to appear in the Store and Guild Store.

3. Added a new adventure to the Peaks of Time: The Abysmal Delves.

4. Added a new ‘Share’ feature that allows players to share achievements to Facebook after having accomplished certain goals.

5. Adjusted the difficulty of several campaign stages in chapters 6 to 16 in order to make the incremental increase in stage difficulty smoother.

6. Added several new relics to the Arcane Labyrinth.

7. Added a new ‘Towers of Esperia’ quest. Rewards can be retrieved once a certain number of floors have been climbed in all four towers.

8. VIP Rewards are now collected via the VIP page.

9. Optimized how player formations are checked in the Legends’ Championship.

10. The Bounty Board ‘Autofill’ feature can now be unlocked by reaching VIP Level 6 or completing stage 12-40

11. Optimized the interface for certain items, allowing players to use them more conveniently.

12. Optimized the effect visuals for the Hypogean NPC mage.

Adjusted the following Labyrinth and Peaks of Time relics:

1. Thunderburst, Blessed Hammer, Eagle Strike, The Unmounted Heart
– The above relics that are able to deal damage to enemies now have an upper damage limit. The value of the damage limit is determined by the combined attack ratings of the 5 heroes currently in a player’s formation.

2. Firebringer, Icebringer
– The value of the attack rating or defense rating these two relics steal now has an upper limit that is determined by the attacker’s own attack rating and defense rating.

3. Statue of Retribution
– Friendly summoned creatures or illusions will no longer raise the attributes of any surviving heroes when they die.

Hero Adjustments

– Adjusted Baden’s ‘Phantom Assassin’ ability. Only 4 phantoms may be on the battlefield at one time. If Baden summons more phantoms, the phantoms with the lowest health will be replaced by the newer phantoms.
– Increased summoned phantom attributes from 80% to 85% for the ‘Phantom Assassin’ ability.

Hero Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug affecting Ulmus’ ‘Deep Roots’ ability which was preventing it from correctly restoring Ulmus’ health immediately.

2. Fixed a bug that would cause Safiya’s ‘Spectral Disruption’ ability to persist even after her death.

3. Fixed an issue affecting Khasos’ ‘Obliteration’ ability, that would sometimes prevent him from correctly charging at his enemies.

4. Fixed a problem that would sometimes prevent Athalia’s ‘Judgement’ ability from targeting an enemy directly opposite her.

5. Fixed a problem that would sometimes prevent melee heroes from attacking totems when they were located at the edge of the screen.

6. Fixed a bug that was incorrectly causing Skreg’s ‘Beast of Burden’ ability to allow Skreg to be impervious to enemy control abilities while he was using the ability.

7. Fixed a bug that was incorrectly causing Seirus’ ‘Abhorrent Torrent’ ability to allow Seirus to be impervious to enemy control abilities while he was using the ability.

8. Fixed a bug that was causing Tasi’s ‘Teleportation’ ability to incorrectly reset the cooldown timer of an ability she was already using.

9. Fixed a bug that was causing Mirael’s ‘Flame Shield’ to incorrectly hurt enemies after she had cast the flame shield on them while in an ‘Entranced’ or mind-controlled state.

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