AFK Arena Guide [Tips and Tricks For Beginners]


Welcome to the beginner’s guide for AFK Arena! We will be going over all the common things you should know so that you can progress faster in the game.

You Will Hit a Roadblock

You will realise that from time to time, you will become stuck in certain stages of the game, such as a specific King’s Tower floor or the story mode. It happens to everyone and you will eventually get past it by leveling or using a different team to defeat it. If you get stuck, just log off and try it again some other time.

The first few days is really a breeze and it only starts getting harder past story mode stage 8 where everything starts slowing down and you have to start putting together various teams to try and beat some of the bosses. Elemental advantage starts becoming important as well.

Level Only 5 Heroes

When it comes to leveling, you only need to focus on 5 heroes you like. If you would like to try out new heroes, you can use the Resonating Crystal for that. This will save you a lot of resources and allow you to test out various heroes. As resetting a hero costs 20 diamonds, it is only advisable to use if you really want to replace someone from the main team.

The cool thing about the Resonating Crystal building is that it allows you to test out Ascend+ heroes without having to invest resources in them. It is much easier to get Legendary+ heroes to 160 and use them as the main 5 heroes for the Resonating Crystal as the highest levels for mid game. You can then put in Ascend+ heroes in the free slots available to get them to the same level.

It also takes a while to get level 160+ heroes as you need to pull a lot of copies to get there. Rare heroes are much easier to get to Legendary+ max as you summon more of those.

Switching/Swapping Unit Positions Make a Difference in the Outcome

The biggest thing I find sometimes is if you are stuck at certain stages, switching your unit position can sometimes change the outcome of the battle.

For example, I was having a rough time taking on Niru in one of the story mode stages in chapter 8. I had Silvina on the top left position while opponent Niru was on the bottom right. I ended switching Silvina to the bottom left and she was able to take care of Niru and I was able to progress.

Early on, it will be hard to assemble teams as you still don’t have many heroes to work with. As you enter mid game (level 100+ heroes), you will start gathering more new heroes and having backup units become a lot easier, especially with the Resonating Crystal.

Re-Roll is an Option

Re-rolling is another thing you can do if you don’t get any of the strong elite heroes early on. I chose to go with the flow and play the game with whatever I have. But if you want to have a great start to the game, you want to re-roll for a few heroes that can help carry you hard. Below are some top choices for elite heroes:

  • Lucius (Tank/Support) – Best tank available, making your team last longer in battle. He can be ascended past 240 and is top tier.

  • Brutus (Bruiser/DPS) – The best DPS available. He goes low on health, gets immunity and can decimate people at low health. Pair him with other Maulers and sustain and he is a beast. Only starts shining past 141+ though.

  • Shemira (DPS) – Similar to Brutus, where she starts shining past 141+ when her skills are upgraded. Can deal large scale AoE damage, life leech for sustain.

  • Tasi (Support/Healer) – A support that can AoE sleep everyone, allowing your team to deal more damage over time. She can teleport around when in danger, so she isn’t as fragile as mage heroes.

  • Nemora (Healer) – Pure healer and good to have when you have a lot of DPS units.

  • Fawkes (Support/DPS) – Can dispel Brutus’s immunity at low health and a lot of other buffs. You will find him useful in many situations and he can also deal damage.

As for Legendary+ heroes, you will get them as you play the game, so do not worry about pulling them as much. But good Legendary+ heroes include Saveas (DPS), Golus (Tank), Arden(Support/Utility), Silvina(Assassin) and Vedan (DPS).

Sell Your Common Heroes

The green heroes are not really used and they only serve as fodder and you just sell them in Rickety Cart for hero coins and hero essence. You can then use those to buy better heroes from the shop. Each common hero sold gives 160 hero coins and 5 hero essences.

Complete All Daily Tasks (And Weeklies)

Daily tasks gives you some nice rewards and takes no more than 15-20 minutes daily to complete. This game is so casual that you can literally play 15-30 minutes and you can progress at a decent pace. Daily tasks include:

  • Enhance Gear Once – 10 points
  • Begin a Battle in the King’s Tower – 10 points
  • Use the Fast Rewards Function Once – 10 points
  • Challenge a Boss – 20 points
  • Level Up a Hero Once – 10 points
  • Collect Loot Two Times – 10 points
  • Summon a Hero at Tavern – 20 points
  • Take Part in A Guild Hunt Once – 10 points
  • Begin 3 Solo Bounty Quests – 10 points
  • Gift a friend Companion Points One Time – 10 points

Doing this and completing the weeklies will give you 10 common scrolls per week. So that is 40 common scrolls a month.

Avoid Upgrading Normal/Common/Rare Gear Early On

I made the mistake of upgrading common and rare items, wasting quite some gold in the process. The upgrades are not very significant and as your progress through the story mode, you will be getting new and better gear. Guild Hunts also gives decent gear as well.

Look at Tier List Initially

Tier lists are a great to give you a good idea what hero is good at early on since you don’t have much knowledge about the game. As you play the game a bit more, you will start learning what is beneficial and what isn’t. It also helps you come up with your own conclusions about which hero you would like to use.

Collect Rewards

It is vital to collect your AFK rewards every 12 hours so you get the maximum reward each day. These start to add up as you do it daily. This is especially important if you are F2P. Every extra experience and gold counts over the long run.

Complete Dispatch Missions

Dispatch missions give you a small advantage if you do them every day. Most of them time, you will get a mix of diamonds, hero essence and some extra gold. I tend to do as many as I can to get an extra 100+ diamonds daily.

As you do it daily, you will level up and unlock harder missions that give you higher level missions with better rewards.

Combat Power(CP) is Deceptive

While combat power gives you a rough idea how strong your units are, it doesn’t always mean you will always win battles against similar CP teams. The team composition, unit skill and faction advantage is what matters a lot more. I have won and lost battles against teams with a significant difference between our CP.

Having faction bonuses is also a huge advantage that isn’t factored into CP. You can also check what boosts you have are active by tapping on the top left/right icon of the battle screen.

Faction advantage also swings the battle in your favor. Always remember the chart above.

  • Lightbearer > Mauler > Wilder > Graveborn > Lightbearer
  • Celestial <-> Hypogean

For faction bonuses, you can check out the chart here.

When 3 heroes of the same faction ally together in a battle their attributes will be increased by

ATK +10%

When 3 heroes of the same faction and two heroes of another faction band together their attributes incresa by

ATK +15%

When 4 heroes of the same faction band together your attributes will be incresad by

ATK +15%

When all 5 heroes of your formation are the same faction your attributes will be increased by

ATK +25%

Celestial heroes can be viewed as a Graveborn, Lightbearer, Wilder or Mauler hero when increasing factional bonuses

Hypogean heroes will not activate any other faction’s factional bonuses but will give all allied heroes the following effects based on the amount of Hypogeans currently in the formation

1+: Defense +30%
2+: Energy recovered when injured +25%
3+: Crit Rating +15%
4+: Critical Strike Damage +30%
5+: Haste +15

Sometimes, there is also random things that can happen such as a streak of lucky/unlucky crits, dodges that can change the course of the battle. The good thing is you don’t lose anything for losing, only time. So you can always re-try at no extra cost.

Always do Arcane Labyrinth

This map is a great way to earn some Labyrinth coins to buy elite heroes that is going to help your team progress further in the game. It is only available every 2 days and then it resets, allowing you to try again.

The Labyrinth shop has some great buys such as Shemira (Late game carry once she is level 141+) and a few others such as Nemora (good healer). So you will always want to complete all 3 floors of the Labyrinth if you can. You also get 400 diamonds for completing it from defeating all 3 floor bosses.

The map is quite fun to do.  It is like a chess battle where you select which tile you want to go to. Each tile will either be one of the following:

  • Battle Tile – You take on 5 units with their levels, combat power and faction revealed
  • Abandoned Wagon Tile – Allows you to select 1 hero to help you (out of 4)
  • Recovery Tile – Heal your team’s health by 50%
  • Resurrection Tile – Allows you to resurrect one random ally (if none of your units are dead, it is wasted)
  • Merchant Tile – You can buy random items here.
  • Final Boss Tile – This is the last tile of every floor. It is similar to the battle tile but with a harder boss.

Each battle tile you win will grant you a special advantage which you can pick (out of 3). They give you bonuses that carry on to the next battle.

Some of my favorites from the pick are:

  • +X% lifesteal
  • Heal X% at the beginning of battle
  • +X% faction bonus damage
  • -X% damage reduction

Also, you can visit Abandoned Wagon for heroes that can potentially carry you. Sometimes you can get Brutus/Shemira or any other OP hero that you are missing and they will help you defeat floor 3 boss easily.

Always Try King’s Tower

This one is a no brainer as each floor gives some diamonds and soulstones. Every bit helps here. The bad thing is you can’t repeat it, so once you are done with it, it is over. However, the latter floors (150+) are very tough and require great teams with good gear to complete.

Resource Gathering and Management (F2P)

Knowing where to gather the resources and using them efficiently is especially important for free to play players. You do not want to waste unnecessary resources by being hasty and wanting something now and end up spending on things you can wait for a bit.

When gathering resources, you can check out a more detailed guide here.

I have summarised most of the gathering methods below:


The premium currency for the game. They are used for summoning mostly and also in other things such as buying gear, resetting hero, reset shop times, just to name a few. You can get diamonds from:

  • From Daily/Weekly quests
  • King’s Tower (one time only)
  • Arcane Labyrinth (recurring every 2 days)
  • Peaks of Time (one time only)
  • Story mode (one time only)
  • Leveling up (one time only)
  • Special events (one time only)
  • Guild Hunts (daily)
  • Arena (daily)
  • VIP Gift (daily)
  • Bounty Board (daily)

Diamonds are best spent on summoning and the occasional splurge on mythic gear if it appears in the shop.

Common Scrolls

  • Daily/Weekly quests (10 total per week)
  • Special Events
  • Guild Wars

Hero Essence

  • AFK reward chest (daily)
  • Selling common heroes (5 per hero)
  • Bounty Board (daily)

You will always need Hero Essence to upgrade heroes past certain levels.

Hero Coins

  • Selling common heroes (160 hero coins per hero)

You use hero coins to buy elite soulstones from Barrack shop.

Labyrinth Coins

  • Labyrinth battles (every 2 days)

You will want to spend on only the elite heroes such as Shemira and Nemora. Refreshing the store (a whooping 1k diamonds) is not recommended unless you are desperate for another copy of the same hero.

Guild Coins

  • Guild Hunts (daily)

Use it to buy purple gear for your characters.

Battling and Betting in Arena

In the arena, you get daily and bi-weekly prizes (diamonds) based on your ranking. You will want to field your best heroes as you advance. As your rank gets higher, the daily diamond income also increases. I suggest you also setup your defense by clicking on the “Formation” and field your defense. It will help you maintaining your rank.

You can also occasionally bet in League Championship with gold and winning bets gives you bonus gold. I only recommend this if you don’t mind losing some gold for fun.


Hopefully these tips will help you in your AFK adventures. Happy hunting and have fun with this wonderful idle game!

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