5 [Free to Play] Tips to Progress Faster

Here are 5 tips to help you to progress faster in AFK Arena as a Free to Play player.

Make sure to claim your afk rewards every 12h

The AFK Rewards reset every 12h, so make sure sure to claim those at least two times per day. This is what replace the default grind on regular Gachas, so it will be where you get gold, exp and items to help you progress on the campaign.

Do not waste your diamonds on items

Those shining items on the store may be very tempting, specially if you are stuck on a certain stage. Your diamonds should ALWAYS be used to summon characters if you are a F2P player because you can always get the items from the AFK rewards or the Guild Shop and the only way to obtain new characters is by summoning them on the tavern.

The only exception you should consider will be when you can find Legendary equipments with 40% discount on the 3rd floor of the Labyrinth that suits your carriers. If you are really struggling on a certain stage and find any of those equipments that can considerably increase the power of your carriers and you think this can help you to progress, go for it.

Make sure your friend list is full and they are active players

This is an AFK game! If you have a friend that did not logged in for the last 2 days, just remove it and look for someone else in your guild or in the world chat. You should make sure that your friends list is aways full of active players, so you can get the maximum amount of daily Friendship Points and do your free summons.

Do your dailies!

Like in every other Gacha game, your dailies are the main source of resources to level up and upgrade your characters. It will only take you 15 to 30 minutes to do all your dailies in AFK Arena, so do not neglect them!

Arcane Labyrinth

The Arcane Labyrinth opens every two days and it is a mini dungeon where you can pick where you want to go, take on monsters, resurrect fallen heroes or gain allies to help you through the Labyrinth. This will be your main source of diamonds alongside the quest rewards.


This is the place where PvP takes place. You fight here to get bonus gold, exp, diamonds and other items as rewards.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests quests provide Activity Points to unlock Loot Crates in the quest menu and gives you 100 diamonds and a free summon every day.

Quest Activity Points
Gift a friend Companion Points One Time 10
Enhance Your Gear Once 10
Begin 3 Solo Bounty Quests 10
Take Part In A Guild Hunt Once 10
Collect Loot Two Times 10
Level Up Your Hero Once 10
Begin a battle in the King’s Tower 10
Use the Fast Rewards function once 10
Summon a hero at the library 20
Begin a battle in the Arena of Heroes 20
Challenge A Boss 20

Activity Points 20 40 60 80 100
Loot Crate 10 000 Gold 20 Hero Essences2 Arena Tickets 5 Rare Hero Soulstones 100 Diamonds 1 Common Scroll

Bounty Quests

Those are the most boring to do, because you only need to select the heroes that you will do the quests every sing day. The amount of resources you get for doing the Bounty Quests are really good, so you really should

Guild Bosses

Soren and Wrizz will give you fodder equipments to use to upgrade your main equipments and Guild Points that you going to use to buy items on the Guild Shop.

Only level 5 heroes

The Resonating Crystal is your best friend! This is one of the best features of AFK Arena and allows you to focus on leveling only five characters and then choose any hero that you didn’t level to instantly turn them to the same level as the lowest leveled hero you currently have on the Crystal. Using this, you can focus your resources on your main characters and can test any hero you want later on withot the need of leveling.

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